Discounts and shopping in Rome

Italy is one of the most fashionable, elegant and exclusive countries in the world - this is far from news, but a long-known fact. And every girl's dream is to look expensive and luxurious at no extra cost. Seasonal discounts and sales in Italy will help make your dream come true.

Discounts in Italy 2022: when start

Every year in Italy, summer sales are officially held at the end of the spring-summer season, and winter sales at the end of the autumn-winter season. In each region, the start and end days of sales are determined individually by local governments and may vary.

The 2022 Winter Sales have finally kicked off all over Italy!

Here is the complete calendar of the 2022 winter sales by region of Italy:

Molisefrom January 5,duration 60 days
Basilicatafrom January 2,to March 2, 2022
Abruzzofrom January 5,duration 60 days
Calabriafrom January 5,to March 6, 2022
Sardiniafrom January ,duration 60 days
Pugliaon hol
Sicilyfrom January 2,to March 15, 2022
Piedmontfrom January 5,duration 8 weeks
Friuli Venezia Giuliafrom 5 January,to March 31, 2022
Lombardyfrom 5 January,to March 5, 2022
Umbriafrom 5 January,duration 60 days
Campaignfrom January 5,to March 1, 2022
Laziofrom 5 January,duration 60 days
Marchefrom January 5,to March 1, 2022
Liguriafrom 5 January,to 18 February 2022
Emilia-Romanafrom January 5,duration 60 days
Tuscanyfrom 5 January,duration 60 days
Venetofrom January 5,to February 28, 2022
Valle d'Aostafrom January 3,duration 60 days

  Sales in Rome 2022

Since Rome's shopping malls are closed on weekends and crowds usually gather on the shopping streets on Saturdays, this year's Rome 2022 Winter Sales officially begin on January 5th and end on February 14th, 2022.

During discounts in Rome, you can buy fashionable branded bags, quality leather shoes, accessories, clothing, home decor and many other useful designer goods at very competitive prices. It remains only to understand which shops the Romans go to for discounts.

Young people and couples with an average family income prefer shopping in the malls of Rome. Among the largest shopping centers in Rome are: Porta di Roma commercial center, Parco Leonardo park, Roma Est shopping center and Euroma 2 shopping center.

Near Rome, there are up-and-coming designer outlets with a wide variety of stores to suit every budget: Valmontone Outlet, Castel Romano Outlet and Soratte Shopping Outlet.

Rome Outlets

Outlet Valmontone is a large shopping mall of the Fashion District chain, which houses many branded stores at affordable prices. It is a well-organized shopping center with many services. The most convenient way to get to the outlet is considered to be a car or transfer service, although there are options to get there by public transport (train and bus).

address: Via della Pace, 00038
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